Your GPS through Sectional Title Territory

A Basic Introduction to the new generation
Sectional Title Legislation effective 7 October 2018
Especially compiled for Owners and Aspiring Trustees

  • Would you drive a car without knowing the rules of the road?
  • Would you give even the smallest of businesses to a person who has never worked in a business before, to run?

Then why buy into a sectional title complex, committing to what is perhaps the biggest investment of your life, without knowing how the legislation relating to this investment works?

The purpose of this 4.5 hour presentation is to bring about a basic understanding of what the sectional title legislation covers, and to assist owners to understand what their responsibilities and duties are, and how the body corporate should be run.

Not a lawyer by profession but by combining 30+ years of being an owner, investor, trustee, and estate agent together with her experience in publishing Keyword Access, she is able to present a practical, hands-on and informative presentation to give the owner a wider depth of understanding.

This training provides insight to aspiring trustees to recognise the responsibilities and duties that they take on and hopefully encourages them to learn more.

This presentation is down to earth, practical and deals with key need-to-know aspects. It has been kept at an affordable cost, and trustees can claim this back as a legitimate expense.

Why this basic introduction to the sectional title legislation is important:

  • White collar crime is on a sharp incline, and bodies corporate are vulnerable because of the lack of involvement and understanding of the owners on how sectional title should /does work
  • Trustees do not require a minimum entry level of training on ST law to be nominated/elected often leaving your investment in “amateur hands”.  
  • Without being empowered, you don’t know your rights or how to deal correctly with issues 

What this training is not:

  • A font of all knowledge
  • A quick fix to your ST problems
  • An advice forum

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