Why you need


The laws pertaining to community living (including sectional title) have changed significantly since the 7 October 2016. It needs those working or connected with it, to be fully compliant.

This manual, Keyword Access to the Sectional Title Legislation gives you the opportunity to…

… find anything you need to know, in any or ALL of the 3 acts, 2 sets of regulations, and prescribed and management rules (130 typed pages) in less than 60 seconds.
… reduce friction and arguments  because you can prove immediately what the legislation states, and it is objective. One happy customer says that CSOS could probably cut their workload  in HALF if people had “a Keyword Access manual nearby!”

It is possible because this manual offers:

  • The index, together with all the Acts, are combined into ONE book.
  • There is an individual index to each of the three acts which has been integrated into one detailed, comprehensive single index of keywords/topics which is detailed and alphabetical.
  • Each keyword has the relevant page number/s and clause/s listed against it, which makes finding whatever you need to know, quick and easy.
  • Aspects sometimes come up in more than one place, and the cross- referencing system allows the reader the opportunity to find ALL of the references, at one glance.
  • The layout is such that future changes are easy to make in the manual.
  • It is portable, fitting comfortably into your briefcase.
  • It can be shared in the office or at a meeting.


Auditors responsible for Sectional Title Audits

WHY – there are  many new responsibilities, including the fact that all schemes, even the small ones, need to be audited now. There is a lot more information the auditor needs to provide and much more emphasis on standards and  reporting.

New staff, can get- up- to- speed easily and quickly, and with auditing ,“time is money”.


Estate Agents selling or letting Sectional Title units

WHY – terminology, levy changes, charges, handling of EUAs, obtaining of information are only some of the issues  about which Estate Agents need to be fully informed, They are required to remain professional and comply with the CPA.  A solid understanding will assist to minimize  transfer delays. It is a specialized form of property and agents need to able to have easy access to the knowledge which is required.


Insurance underwriters/brokers dealing with Sectional Title

WHY –  to give your clients the best possible service, brokers need to understand the nuances of sectional title and its legislation.


Attorneys / Conveyancers

WHY – Not every attorney can be specialized in every aspect of the law, yet often the public perceives that to be the case. If ST is not your thing, keep a manual on your bookshelf; you will be able to find the right answer very quickly and maintain your professionalism  at all times.


Managing agents

WHY – Owners and Trustees require a lot of guidance and support, and as a business offering a service, the M/A needs to be fully informed to provide the correct way forward. They  need to have the answers at their fingertips at any given moment, and giving the wrong answer as a professional , is not acceptable.



WHY – owners need to understand how ST is run. Especially as owners have often invested their life earnings. They need  to be mindful of the responsibilities and duties which goes with being a part of the Body Corporate, and be empowered as to their rights.

The latest legislation also puts a lot more onus on the trustees, their fiduciary duties, and obligates them to be knowledgeable, which means an owner needs to understand at least the basics when nominated as a trustee.



WHY – tenants have been given a voice, and they need to know what their rights and obligations are.



WHY – The Trustees are required to be more informed than ever before and play a far more active role in running the complex.  They are responsible to  a higher level of governance, need to work within legislation laid out by the Acts. They can be more easily be held responsible than previously, as the recourse for owners is so much easier through CSOS who  will be holding them to a standard and making them accountable.