Why you need


The laws pertaining to community living (including sectional title) have changed significantly since the 7 October 2016. It needs the urgent attention of those working or connected with it, to be fully compliant very quickly, This manual gives you the opportunity:

…to find anything you need to know, in any or ALL of the 3 acts, 2 sets of regulations, and prescribed and management rules (130 typed pages) in less than 60 seconds.

It is possible because this manual offers:

  • The index, together with all the Acts, are combined into ONE book.
  • There is an individual index to each of the three acts which has been integrated into one detailed, comprehensive single index of keywords which is detailed and alphabetical.
  • Each keyword has the relevant page number/s and clause/s listed against it., which makes finding whatever you need to know, quick and easy.
  • Aspects sometimes come up in more than one place, and the cross- referencing system allows the reader the opportunity to find ALL of the references, at one glance.
  • The layout is such that future changes are easy to make in the manual.
  • You will be kept updated for a minimum of two years, of all relevant changes that take place.
  • It is portable, fitting comfortably into your briefcase.


Auditors responsible for Sectional Title Audits


Why – there are new responsibilities, including the fact that all schemes, even the small ones need to be audited now.

There is a lot more information the auditor needs to provide.



Why – The introduction of the Ombud means that closer attention will be paid to details & processes particularly in relation to newly formed BCs in eg. Management and Conduct rules. Developers can more easily be held accountable as owners have inexpensive recourse to the Ombud.

Estate Agents selling or letting Sectional Title units


Why – terminology, levy changes, charges, handling of EUAs, obtaining of information are only some of the issues which are different and about which Estate Agents need to be fully informed in order to ensure they remain professional and comply with the CPA.

Insurance underwriters/brokers dealing with Sectional Title


Why – there have been some significant changes to the insurance requirements.

Lawyers / Conveyancers


Why – some parts of the recent Acts are completely new, and the adjustments to other parts as well as the re arrangement of others, means that even lawyers and conveyances will have a learning curve. In addition more questions will be asked of them as they would be expected to be fully conversant with everything!

Managing agents


Why – there are so many more duties and responsibilities that the M/A is required to undertake, e.g.,  more bank accounts, additional levies,  better and timeous minute taking are just a few among these. Owners and Trustees will require a lot of guidance and support, and as a business offering a service, the M/A needs to be fully informed to provide the correct way forward.



Why – owners now need to participate more than ever and to be mindful of their responsibilities and duties. As investors, they are now in a position to challenge what is not correct, and this recourse can be done more easily and inexpensively. They also need to know why levies will increase, and other costs will be levied.



Why – tenants has been given a voice, and they need to know what their rights and obligations are.



Why – The Trustees need to be more informed and play a far more active role in running the complex, with a higher level of governance, and under the guidelines laid out by the Acts. They can be more easily held responsible than previously, as the recourse for owners is so much easier. CSOS will be holding them to a standard and making them accountable for a variety of aspects.