“As someone who turns to the legislation multiple times on a daily basis, it is such a convenience to use Keyword Access to the STSMA, CSOSA and STA. The fact that it is completely user friendly and prepared by such a knowledgeable and experienced author, means that I am confident in referring my clients, being managing agents, trustees and owners, to this practical guide.”

Zerlinda van der Merwe – TVDM Consultants

“It would be a pleasure to endorse your manual. your info helps me so much as it is simple and sorted and easy to read.”

Advocate Ursula Georgiadis

“This manual is much more comprehensive and enlightening!!! Well done – I believe it is a “Bible” every BC should have and any Trustee who has the BC at heart”

Dora Duddy – Trustee

“The “‘must have’” reference tool for any trustee, managing agent or professional in the community scheme work space – my copy is always in reaching distance”

Mike Addison

“Very professional and is now our new Bible in the office”


”I received your book. It is very nice and I use it a lot. It is as useful as your previous books (if not more).”

Andries Basson – Real Estate and Management

“What a lot of work and volume but thank you: its a life saver!!”

Candice Persson Lumic Property Consultants (Pty) Ltd

“Your book is fabulous! “


“Thank you so much for this! There is so much confusion and different opinions in the market on this now and I am sure your guide will answer all our questions! “

from Tredoux and Associates – Auditiors

“As a busy Portfolio Manager looking after approximately 50 sectional title schemes, I don’t have time to spend on paging through the Sectional Title Scheme Management Act (STSMA) to find the Act or Management Rule number giving authority for a specific action. Although I have been doing property management for some 47 years I do not always remember the Act or Rule number and have to consult the STSMA to double check the facts. Shirley Baillie’s Keyword Access is invaluable to me in this regard. The quick and easy references give immediate information on the section in the act or the management rule that applies to the problem I am investigating. Her book contains not only the STSMA but, in one easy book, includes the Ombud Act, CSOS, and the old Sectional Title Act which, in some instances, is still relevant. Keyword Access has become the one book that is always in my briefcase for easy reference. I would urge any Portfolio Manager who wants to ensure that they remain efficient and accurate in rendering a professional service to their Sectional Title Schemes that they have Keyword Access readily available at all times in their work day.”

Advocate Barbara Shingler; MD of Ballito Estates + Property Administration

“Many thanks for your service to the ST industry.”

Geoff Harriss – Trustee

“I have not put it down since I received it, no need to use my brain any more. You have done it for me.”

Val Ludgrove Real Estate

“I must be honest I seem to be spending hours searching for different aspects relating to the above, with continual conflicting information. After looking over your manual I was impressed by the ease that one could obtain all the necessary information required.”

Debbie Yeats Chairperson

“My staff and I take your book with them when attending meetings to assist them when asked a question and need to show/tell/advise the relative party of the exact answer. Also comes in helpful when trustees who have a tricky situation with an owner who think that they know it all and are able to put them right by showing them the direct answer from the Act/Rules.”

Annette Laing Property Consultants

“Keyword Access is as easy to use as ABC and an absolute must for any Managing Agent, Portfolio Manager or Trustee in a Sectional Title Scheme. Shirley has identified a much needed quick reference guide for professionals and the man in the street. It is a definitive alphabetical guide which directs the reader to the specific part or parts of the STSMA, Prescribed Rules or Regulations by subject. The cross referencing is spot on and a joy to use.”

Jenny Ravenscroft – retired Sectional Title Consultant