I am a seasoned trainer on many subjects, but sectional title is my passion as I wish to empower people. e.g:- owners to reduce their risk with regard to their investment or to know their rights; or those working with ST so that they can improve their performance levels when dealing with their clients e.g. managing agencies, estate agents, insurance brokers and auditors of Bodies Corporate,

When I train,  I start with the basics in order to build a foundation on to which to further knowledge can be added. I have lived through decades of being a trustee, investor, estate agent and resident owner, and working with managing agents. I understand all their points of view and issues and have lived, breathed and eaten ST for so many years, that I  am able to provide the information in a practical way, with real examples and easy- to- understand concepts.

What I offer is: A Basic Introduction to the Sectional Title Legislation, which takes place in several slots totaling 5 hours at a cost of R1500.

Trustees and managing agents may need more in depth training & knowledge. This comes at an affordable hourly cost over and above the basic fee of R1500.

It is done via Zoom, classes limited to  3 people at a time in order for the class to be interactive, the time slots can be fitted into your schedule. Workbooks are  provided, and the cost is affordable,

If you are an auditor, an insurance broker or estate agent, special emphasis will be put on aspects which are relevant to your career,

If you would like a brochure, a list of topics we cover or wish to discuss your needs over a  Zoom meeting, please send an email to

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